Scotch Tape


Scotch tape plaid pattern texture applied to mold

In this application example, St Paul Engraving utilized our 5 axis laser 1000 combined with our automated pallet changing system. We laser textured the iconic plaid pattern into the sidewall of the mold on this multi-cavity tool. We then engraved the Scotch text into separate mold inserts. Lastly we engraved electrodes to burn the recycle logo into the mold cavities. Being a clear part, this project presents challenges as all cavities require a high shined finish. However, laser texturing is a clean process producing repeatable precision results eliminating the risk of damaging the high shine finish. A high-volume, multi-cavity project like this can take time to be completed; however, using our automated palletizing system we are able to run 24/7 significantly decreasing our turn around time.

  • Rendered image of scotch tape mold dispenser

We first applied the plaid pattern into the cad model enabling our designers the opportunity to apply final adjustments before sending to our customer for approval. We then process the file to laser the pattern into the mold per specification and cad data.

The laser texturing process is ideal for this application eliminating the risk of acid effecting the high shine finish. Being a high-volume, multi-cavity tool the results are easily repeatable in every cavity.

We then laser engraved the Scotch text into the cavity inserts per cad model. Utilizing our 3 axis foba lasers, we are able to quickly engrave text or logos into cavity inserts and other components with minimal set up or file work. This is ideal for completing quick engraving projects that do not require the full capabilities of our 5 axis lasers.

Engraving to Scotch tape dispenser mold

  • Electrode engraved for Scotch tape dispenser mold

In the final step, we engraved electrodes to burn the recycle logo into the mold cavity. We utilize our automated 3R systems to ensure accuracy and optimize engraving times. We have the ability to engrave electrodes or engrave directly into the mold cavity. This depends on the project application (if characters are raised or sunk, etc.). We will advise on the most economical option per project requirements.

Having the versatility of utilizing multiple machines, each excelling in different applications, allows us to ensure each project is completed to the highest standard.