Laser S 600

St. Paul Engraving continuously invests in the latest technology allowing us to maintain a competitive edge in our industry.

We invested in our first laser over 20 years ago, before 5 axis laser texturing was even a concept. During this time, we developed processes for laser engraving, micromachining and texturing and have been improving on them ever since. This has given us a deep knowledge on how to manipulate programs and parameters for each specific laser application. In result, when the first 5-axis laser designed for texturing emerged, SPE was ready to hit the ground running. Allowing us to build a reputation as one of the most experienced 5-axis laser texturing, engraving and machining providers in the world.

Laser texturing is a completely digital process:

  1. Starting with your mold design as a stp or iges file we select the surfaces to be textured
  2. Next we mesh and flatten the surfaces the pattern is to be applied to.
    • With the use of high-resolution gray scale images, the pattern is applied to the mesh allowing us to achieve seamless patterns with minimal deformation on even the most complex geometries.
  3. From here renderings are created of what the finished part will look like; enabling designers the opportunity to apply final adjustments.

To this day, we continue to invest in the latest laser technology, automation and 3R fixturing allowing us to deliver on our promise of the highest quality and the fastest turnaround time in our industry.

Please call us at 800.741.5966 or email [email protected] regarding advice, questions, pricing, and the fastest turnaround in the business.

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