Textured applied to bird house via chemical etching processSt. Paul Engraving can texture or replicate all industry standard patterns or design custom specialty patterns. These patterns can be replicated on plastic injection molds including but not limited to carbon steel, stainless steel, P-20, S7, CSM 21, tool steel, aluminum, brass, and beryllium copper.

Texture patterns are utilized for all applications, including: Safety, Cosmetics, Mold Flow, Light diffusion, Gloss, and Function. Utilizing a textured part will enhance marketing benefits and leave a lasting impression. These impressions help eliminate flow and sink marks as well as achieve a quality appearance to feel, enhancing the products appeal to the end user.

These unlimited patterns consist of: Leather Grains, Wood Grains, Pebbles, Layered Matte’s, and much more.

St Paul Engraving prides its reputation on customer service, quality services and products, and fast turnaround time. We are passionate about developing life long relationships with our customers, especially those in the mold building industry.

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