St. Paul Engraving supports the defense industry.

The defense industry is a highly competitive market. Applying a custom pattern to your product will help enhance brand recognition while improving grip function. Utilizing the latest 5 axis laser technology and texturing techniques we are able to produce patterns and textures  previously unachievable. This process allows for previously unachievable depth as well as the ability to control gloss and light reflection.

Services include:

  • Customized pattern design and pattern matching capabilities.
  • Mold texturing for function and ascetics.
  • Engraving of logos, cavity IDs & part details.
  • Texturing and engraving for sonic weld and energy directors.
  • Functional release patterns.
  • R&D for new designs and patterns.

Additional benefits:

  • Ability to create light-reflecting and capturing patterns.
  • Ability to have multiple different textures on complex surfaces.
  • Ensure a repeatable surface quality thanks to a fully digital process.
  • Ability to render textures on the part or into the mold for review and approval.


Portfolio Examples