Applied custom plaid texture to mold cavity & engraved branding components to 3M Scotch Tape dispenser

St. Paul Engraving’s laser technology offers economically clean and accurate engraving for logos, characters, cavity identification and much more for the molding and manufacturing industries. This technology saves time and money, with detailed precision solutions for all your engraving needs. Whether we are working on logos, patterns, or other custom designs, we can engrave on a variety of materials and complex surfaces, including but not limited to: tool steel, plastics, graphite, copper, titanium, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Our laser engraving technology delivers:

  • Micro engraving with detail as small as .0012″
  • 5 axis 2D or 3D engraving
  • Variable depths
  • Not effected by tool hardness
  • Repeatable precision result on even most complex surfaces

Allowing us to engrave depths up to .125″ and heights of less than .008″.  Our engraving services can be used on concave, convex and most sidewalls (if applicable), with weights up to 3,750 lbs. We can work to tightest tolerances of ±.0001″ with a typical lead time is 2-4 days for multi cavity jobs.

*Chemical engraving is an option should engraving not be reached with the laser.*


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