End product of texture and engraving applied to handle of Buck KnifeBuck Knife

Custom texture for knife.

In this application example, St Paul Engraving is utilizing our 5 axis laser 1000 to apply two different textures to the handle for appearance and enhanced grip on first shot, second shot mold cavities. We then utilized laser engraving for text and logo onto the handle, all on the same machine in one single set up. Utilizing this laser technology allows for 24 hour run capabilities to apply texture for knife; helping to steam-line our process, save on valuable set up time and decreasing project turn around time which directly benefits our customers.

Buck Knife first shot cavity texture

In the first step, we applied a matte finish on the first shot cavities. This helps with the appearance and the function of the tool. Using our 5 axis lasers we can laser directly over the existing EDM finish saving our customer valuable time and money on polishing costs.

Traditionally the non-texture details would need to be masked off for an acid etch. This has greater chance for an error and will leave inconsistent tape lines. When laser texturing the process is completely digital, using the provided cad data we can leave these areas out achieving crisp repeatable results.

In the second step, we applied the print pattern to the second shot cavities. This pattern was applied to enhance the gripping function as well as increase visual appeal.

Traditionally this would require a labor intensive process of transferring a wax pattern into the mold which may result in deformation of the pattern when applied around contours. Utilizing our 5 axis laser allows us to engrave the pattern directly into the cavity with little to no deformation on even the most complex surfaces.

Buck Knife second shot texture applied to mold

Laser engraving for text and logo

Lastly we engraved the text and logo directly into the mold cavity per cad model.

All three applications were completed on the same machine in one set up. Having the capability of utilizing the same machine for the entire process allows for greater quality control and supports faster turn around times.