Indian Motorcycle

In this application example, Indian Motorcycle laser engraved emblemSt Paul Engraving utilized several techniques and technologies to complete a multi-piece project for Indian Motorcycle. This type of unique project requires the use of laser texturing, chemical etching and laser marking. We laser textured a custom geometric pattern utilizing our laser 1200 on the bike’s mold cavities to help reflect Indian’s brand identity and chemically etched the mold to enhance the cosmetic appeal to the end user. We then laser textured and engraved a mold for Indian’s custom handle grips using our laser 1000. Next we engraved several different types of embossing dies for the bike’s badges and emblems. Finally, we serialized tank badges using our foba laser for laser marking.

  • Laser texture applied to Indian Motorcycle fender mold cavity



We first chemically etched the matte finish into the mold cavities.

Although we have the capabilities to laser or chemically texture patterns, we always choose the most efficient and economical option depending on the process and project requirements. 

We then laser textured a custom Indian head pattern over the high shine finish utilizing our laser 1200. This technology is a completely digital process allowing us a chance to render the pattern onto the part, giving our customers an opportunity to review what the finish product will look like. The laser texturing process is ideal for this application eliminating the risk of damaging the high shine finish during the texture process.

Utilizing our laser 1000 we then laser textured a mold for a custom handle grip. We applied a pattern that not only helps improve mold function but also enhances grip. This mold also required custom engraving of a logo. Both application were complete on the same machine using the same set up. Having the capability of utilizing the same machine for the entire process allows for greater quality control and supports faster turn around times.

Custom textured mold for handle grip

  • Laser engraving of embossing debossing dies

Next we utilized both our laser 1200 and 1000 to engrave embossing/debossing dies for multiple badges and emblems. Our 5 axis lasers allows us to create the highest quality embossing dies. We have the ability to engrave embossing dies of all shapes and sizes in 2D or 3D on complex curved surfaces. Laser engraving produces the highest quality embossing dies allowing the ability to capture small details with precision repeatable results.

Finally we utilized our 3 axis Foba lasers to laser mark and serialize the tank badges. These machines allow us to quickly laser mark text, logos or patterns onto parts and other components with minimal set up or file work. Our 3 axis lasers are ideal for completing, high-volume serialized laser marking projects such as this.

Laser engraved serialization onto tank badge for Indian Motorcycles